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Changing organizations, transformed by the dynamics of our environment, require a change in structure, process and people management, flexibility and adaptability, as well as a determination to introduce new practices and innovative methods.

Regardless of the position in the organization or its status quo, each of us has faced the challenge of surviving, but also leading the change - on a personal and professional level.

What are the trends in the transformation of HR function, what is the present, what can previous experiences help us cope with? What are the good practices at international and national level that will influence our decision making? Who can we "steal" from and what mistakes we can avoid?

No answers will be given to us. They will be shared in the form of good practices and lessons learned by real leaders and practitioners in the field of HR transformation, but will also be discussed, debated and detailed to reach a degree of collaboration that we can implement in our own organizations.

See you on October 18, 2019 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia - see the program and register here.

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